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About Adult Therapy

Therapy can help you learn about what you're feeling, why you might be feeling it, and how to cope or move forward. As an experienced therapist I have worked with many clients at a time of their lives that most people would describe as their most difficult or challenging and have assisted them to move forward and live their best lives.

My focus is very much about giving you the tools you need to be able to function in today’s world and helping to keep moving forward. 

My clients can work with me online or face to face, should your location allow. However I am able to work with anybody, anywhere in the world - via Zoom, Skype or Facetime.

Online therapy is a great platform for working together, as it allows you to access the therapy you need, whilst in the comfort of your own surroundings. Equally, some clients prefer face to face sessions – the choice is yours. 

Therapy goals I work with on a regular basis include:

Anger management, anxiety, assertiveness/ self confidence, Selfesteem, Bereavement and loss/ divorce and separation, emotional issues , panic attacks, parenting skills. Phobias, pregnancy related issues, public speaking and performance, fears phobias, sleep issues , stop smoking, weight loss, pain management, PTSD, Menopause and age related issues. Eating disorders, addictions, sexual and emotional abuse. Childhood Emotional neglect

Most of us experience problems at times in our lives. Donna Edmondson-Jones is a highly experienced & trained therapist – get help with your situation today by contacting me for an appointment to see how I can help you move forward from your issues through therapy.

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