Children And Adolescent Therapy

About Child and Adolescent Therapy

Hypnosis and children are the perfect blend of imagination and fun to solve sometimes difficult problems. Whether your child has a phobia or fear that they need to overcome, or has become anxious and worries about going to school or to different places, fast therapy techniques enable them to move forward quickly or learn to cope with situations and get on with their lives.


Child and Adolescent Therapy goals I work regularly with include:

Anxiety and depression

Anger management

Fears and phobias

Eating disorders


Developmental trauma


Emotional learning and awareness



Self Esteem and resilience

Most of us experience problems at times in our lives; Donna Edmondson-Jones is a highly experienced child and adolescent therapist – get help with your situation today by contacting me for an appointment to see how I can help you move forward from your issues through therapy.

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“Donna worked with our daughter Eve age five, who was struggling with anger outbursts during covid restrictions and wow! In just a few sessions, we ALL were a happier family and able to manage our emotions during those difficult days of lockdown. We are so pleased to have our little girl happy again and we can’t thank her enough.” 

Liz , Mike and Eve

“Our son Tim age 9 who was struggling with a fear of going to school and we were having to home school him till we found Donna.. Donna worked with the whole family to help us understand Tim’s separation anxiety and gave him the toolkit to manage his emotions and get him to a place where he was able to return into school.  She has changed our lives and we can’t thank her enough” 

Michelle and Peter.

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