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I understand that the idea of therapy can be quite daunting and can raise a few questions so I have collated a few common questions to help with any concerns you may have.
But, of course, if there is anything I have missed, then please get in touch.

What is Hypnosis?

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Hypnosis is a natural state of heightened awareness and increased suggestibility, often accompanied by deep relaxation. In hypnosis, we can bypass the conscious mind’s critical faculty and tap into the power of the subconscious mind. This process creates positive changes to our beliefs, thoughts, habits and behaviours.

How many sessions will i need?

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I’m totally dedicated to clients that are determined to help themselves, Once clients are happy and confident to go it alone I’m more than happy to encourage them to do so, if they then decide to return for a few extra sessions at a later date , its really down to you and the progress you make. 

Access to therapy?

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You can work with Donna from anywhere. Donna works online with clients from all over the world. Online platforms such as Zoom and Skype allow us to work together as if in the same room but allow you to remain in the comfort of your own environment. You receive a simple email with a link to join the therapy session like you would for work or to see friends. 

Donna also works face to face from Harrogate in North Yorkshire in the UK but can meet in York or Leeds if required. 

How much does it cost?

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Standard Therapy fees, unless otherwise stated via a promotional offer.
Free initial telephone consultation: duration  30 minutes
Adult Therapy Session: From £95.00 duration 60 minutes
Child Therapy Session:  £80 : duration 40 minutes (*plus parent handover of 20 minutes)
Stop smoking: £250.00 duration 120 minutes

What payment methods do you accept?

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I take payment by via bank transfer, for which you are sent an invoice prior to sessions and payment is due by the end of each therapy session.
I can also take payment debit and credit card if you are attending face to face sessions.


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Hypnotherapy is an effective therapeutic technique, however results vary and success is not guaranteed. To get the best results, you need to ensure you have an open and honest relationship with your therapist, and full client commitment to the process is important.

24 hour cancellation policy

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I work hard to prepare for each one of my clients prior to every appointment, If you cannot attend your booked appointment please let me know at least twenty four hours prior to your appointment by email or by telephone and I will be happy to accommodate your circumstances and you will incur no charges for the work undertaken in preparation for your appointment following the 24-hour cancellation notice policy. Cancellations made without 24-hours notice may incur the full fee. DEJ Therapy reserves the right to charge the full fee for non-attendance.

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