Mnemodynamic Therapy

What is Mnemodynamic Therapy?

Mnemodynamic therapy is a  psychotherapy technique which is used to help clients work through times of difficulty from their past which affect their lives today.

All of us experience times which are hard in life, or can take on limiting beliefs as we grow up. Mnemodynamic therapy is a simple yet powerful process which can help clients dissolve inner conflict and let go of emotional baggage.

Will Mnemodynamic Work For Me?

I often use Mnemodynamics because the process helps to release the emotions and connections to the past, allowing negative memories to be healed & to empower clients to make positive changes in their life.

Mnemodynamics does not remove memories. It qualifies past memories that cause pain in the present, and allows individuals to stop past memories from limiting their present and future potential. It is a process that helps to heal past experiences so individuals can live in the present and not have their lives dominated by past events.

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