Havening Techniques Therapy

What Is Havening?

We all know that our memories bring up emotions and our behaviour is driven by these emotions.

When you go through a very stressful or traumatic experience – your brain can store it, often with life altering consequences. Stressful experiences get stored in great detail in the brain, which means, that any cue that is similar to what happened at the time or even thinking about it can trigger the brain to believe that the event is happening again.

Havening therapy helps permanently treat and heal these traumas, anxiety and phobias as well as to create positive alterations in our brain.

Havening techniques otherwise known as the delta wave techniques, is a psychosensory treatment that uses simple touch to permanently eliminate unwanted feeling, both somatic & emotional, from distressing memories and events. In addition, these techniques are useful for promoting professional and personal growth.

“The “Havening” techniques are appropriate for either short sessions , in a relatively public space or longer exercises in private. I found the techniques altered my mood , positively , and helped me to move beyond a problem and distance myself from the aggravating emotion or issue”

Miriam Davidson

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How Does Havening Work?

Havening clears distress and trauma from the brain. Through using the Havening Techniques®, the memory is de-traumatised and the negative effects are permanently removed. This means that when we think of the stressful memory, it can no longer trigger the brain’s red" alert” state. 

The memory becomes another memory of something that happened in the past, but without having to re-live the emotional consequences of it again and again. Havening Techniques™ uses human touch as a therapeutic tool, called Havening Touch®.

“The havening process was a totally different experience, however magically it worked! Donna was calm, confident and reassuring throughout the sessions. She has used the tools herself so she understands what the client needs and I would certainly recommend this process to others coming to terms with emotional and traumatic events.”

Eva Chipperfield

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